# Opt-out From OpenUPM

OpenUPM respects the package owner's decision to opt-out from it, even an open-source license always grants the right to publish/distribute codes.

# Using Blocked Scopes

To block a scope (com.mycompany) entirely from OpenUPM, add the package scope or the package name to data/blocked-scopes.yml (opens new window) file and submit a PR with the reason. This blocking behavior happens on the CI stage, thus it will break any existing packages under the new-added blocked scope.

# Using the private field of the package.json

To opt-out from OpenUPM, the package owner can also add "private": true" to the package.json.

# Unpublishing a Package

Please checkout Unpublishing a Package.

# Repository Unavailable

OpenUPM won't be able to track further changes if the repository is removed or turned private. However, the published content will remain available on the registry.