# Development

# Architecture

The OpenUPM service is composed of below sub-systems:

  • Public upm registry
  • *Automatic build pipelines
  • *Website frontend
  • *Website backend (API)
  • *Package curated list
  • OpenUPM-CLI (opens new window) command-line tool

Entries with * prefix are located in the main repository (opens new window).

# Directory Structure

├── app         # service backend
│   ├── db         # database, Redis
│   ├── jobs       # background jobs
│   ├── models     # models
│   ├── queues     # job queues
│   ├── utils      # useful scripts
│   └── views      # HTTP endpoints
├── config       # configurations
├── data         # data
│   └── packages # package curated list (YAML files)
├── docs         # web frontend (vuepress)
└── tests        # unit tests

# Public UPM Registry

OpenUPM uses a custom verdaccio to host the registry. Though verdaccio is the most popular open-source project to set up a private npm registry, most deployments served a very limited user base or for the testing purpose that doesn't care about performance much. OpenUPM try to solve quite a few issues related to the cluster deployment. Before these PRs get merged, OpenUPM will stay with the custom build:

Since OpenUPM has it's own way to organize the package list, the verdaccio website and API endpoints are disabled (headless mode).

# Automatic Build Pipelines

OpenUPM watches the package curated list regularly detects new contents and uses the job queue to build packages through Azure Pipelines (opens new window).

# Cronjob

OpenUPM uses pm2 cron feature to run cronjobs.

Job Description GitHub Reset API GitHub GraphQL API
add-build-package-job add build-pkg to the job queue.
fetch-package-extra fetch package README, stars, ogimage n 2n
aggregate-package-extra aggregate package extra
update-recent-packages update recent updated packages
fetch-site-info fetch repo stars 1
update-feeds update RSS feeds

# Job Queue

OpenUPM uses Bee-Queue (opens new window) to manage the job queue.

Job Description GitHub API
build-pkg:<pkg> fetch repo info and create build-rel jobs for valid Git tags 0
build-rel:<pkg>:<ver> build pkg@version via Azure Pipelines 0

# GitHub Rate Limit

Print the rate limit (opens new window) status.

yarn gh:ratelimit

# Website Frontend

OpenUPM uses VuePress (opens new window) - a static website generator to develop website frontend.

source env.sh
yarn docs:dev

To enable webpack bundle analyzer:


# Website Backend

OpenUPM uses Express (opens new window) to develop website backend (API).

yarn server:dev

# Package Curated List

OpenUPM uses git as a database to maintain the package curated list. Each package is described as a YAML file.

# i18n

The website supports two regions with different configurations:

Region Language Fallback Language
US en-US n/a
CN zh-CN en-US
  • The documentation level translations are located at docs/zh.

  • The component level translations are located at docs/.vuepress/locales. i18n-ally (opens new window) is powerful i18n extensions for VS Code to edit locale files.

  • To develop the CN region:

    OPENUPM_REGION=cn yarn docs:dev