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# Get Started

# Install openupm-cli
$ npm install -g openupm-cli
# OR yarn global add openupm-cli

# Enter your unity project folder

# Search a package
$ openupm search addressable-importer
│ Name                                  │ Version │ Author    │ Date       │
│ com.littlebigfun.addressable-importer │ 0.4.1   │ Favo Yang │ 2019-11-25 │
│ Unity Addressable Importer            │         │           │            │

# Install package
$ openupm add com.littlebigfun.addressable-importer
added: com.littlebigfun.addressable-importer@0.4.1
manifest updated, please open unity project to apply changes


openupm-cli requires Node.js 12

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