.NET Standard APIs for commonly used design patterns.
#ziplib is a Zip, GZip, Tar and BZip2 library written entirely in C# for the .NET platform. This repository is made for unity package manager.
Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET. This repository is made for unity package manager.
UPM project for Tween features in the Surge toolset by Pixel Placement
Unity package containing libraries used by various Omiya Games tools
Customizable Object Pooling for Unity.
⚛️ Tiny modular pieces utilizing the power of Scriptable Objects
Main thread dispatcher implementation for unity
Unity package repo for UIMan
React renderer for building user interfaces in Unity UI
Unity3D, extended. Includes hotkeys, C# extensions, utilities and more.
Provides an efficient async/await integration to Unity.
Lets you view and edit node graphs inside Unity
Generic DOTS runtime spawning for any combination of prefab, components, and buffers.
DOTS navigation with auto-jumping agents and movable surfaces.
A 2 way binding system for unity using unirx
Sampling utilities for Unity.
Object pooling utilities for Unity.
Generic event bus for Unity with Extenject.
Calculation utilities for Unity.
A library for Unity to support creating and modifying curves in the editor.
📦 Packaged version of Facebook SDK for Unity
MyBox is a set of attributes, tools and extensions for Unity
Node graph editor framework focused on data processing using Unity UIElements and C# 4.6
⚛️ Tiny modular pieces utilizing the power of Scriptable Objects
⚛️ Tiny modular pieces utilizing the power of Scriptable Objects
⚛️ Tiny modular pieces utilizing the power of Scriptable Objects
Some Unity utilities (UV tools, resource checker etc) packaged for Unity's Package Manager
Svelto ECS C# Lightweight Data Oriented Entity Component System Framework
Shared code between the Svelto repositories
Makes using Scriptable Objects as a fundamental part of your architecture in Unity super easy
Compile a c# project to a internal accessible dll (for Unity)
Library to run dotnet's 'Task' and 'Task<T>' scoped to Unity components.
Project Auditor is an experimental static analysis tool for Unity Projects.
Render listbox in Inspector for [Flags] enum
UnityEditor integration for LeoECS Entity Component System framework.
ECS framework for Unity3D game engine that uses MonoBehaviours as components and GameObjects as entities.
Utilites for hooking into AndroidManifest.xml generation in Unity.
Unity package manager setup for Newtonsoft's JSON library
Geographical (latitude, longitude) projection and calculation library for Unity.
Serialization utilities for Unity.
Library for hexagonal grid calculations.
[Unity CodeDom] Editor-time code generator. Generates constant-declaration-only classes for Tags, Layers, Sorting layers and Input axes. Good for type-safety.
A SceneReference wrapper class that uses ISerializationCallbackReceiver and a custom PropertyDrawer to provide safe, user-friendly scene references in scripts.
Reactive Extensions for Unity
Unity editor extension which tracks compile time.
Lightweight and fast library written in C# for reading Microsoft Excel files. This repository is made for unity package manager.
ReSharp.Core is a .NET Standard library.
UniSharper.Core is a unity package that contains scripts, plugins and assets for general unity application development.
MVVM-style data-binding system for Unity.
The GameAnalytics SDK for tracking events in Unity.
Zero-copy sharing between managed and native arrays in Unity
Task and Async helper package for Unity
C# version of the PCG random number generator that is compatible with Unity package management
⚛️ Tiny modular pieces utilizing the power of Scriptable Objects
Serilog Sink for unity 3D Debug log
Easy to use, easy to extend and high-performance library for CSV parsing with .NET
Mesh simplification for Unity.
procedural shapes for Unity UI
Task Animation Library for Unity
JCMG CoC is a convention-over-configuration library for Unity that enables defining your Unity projects folder structure and optionally generate code to be able to easily retrieve specific folder paths.
A framework for developing ascii based "traditional" roguelikes in Unity.
Unity.Mathematics.Random number generators for jobs, including Burst-capable ones.
BindingsRx bindings for TextMeshPro.
This was an attempt to replace Unity's built-in 2D physics engine with only the features I wanted.
Random number generation (RNG) utilities for Unity.
Grid building utilities for Unity.
Common utilities for Unity and C#. It mostly consists of useful extension methods.
A simple framework for unity using the ECS paradigm but with unirx for fully reactive systems.
A set of developer tools to make it easier to create and distribute packages for the native Unity Package Manager.
📦 Packaged version of Firebase Auth for Unity
Packaged version of Google Play Services Resolver for Unity
Gameplay Ingredients for your Unity Games - A collection of runtime and editor scripts that ease simple tasks while making games and prototypes.
⚛️ Tiny modular pieces utilizing the power of Scriptable Objects
⚛️ Tiny modular pieces utilizing the power of Scriptable Objects
⚛️ Tiny modular pieces utilizing the power of Scriptable Objects
Unity package for the Ionic.zlib library
Master Object Pooler 2 is a high performance, flexible and easy to use object pooling solution that can fit into any Unity project
Svelto Tasks - C# promises compliant multi-threaded tasks runner
A simple singleton implementation for Unity in UPM form for easy addition to projects.
Reverse mask for uGUI element in Unity.
A Roslyn compiler to access internals/privates for Unity. In other words, you can access to any internals/privates in other assemblies, without reflection. Let's say, "Open sesame!"
Procedural generation library for Unity
Extensions to extend UnityEngine classes/structs
LeoECS is a fast Entity Component System (ECS) Framework powered by C# with optional integration to Unity
A typesafe, lightweight messaging system for Unity with UPM Support.
c#-Unity ECS framework
🔬Package for unity3d which allow select type and members from editor inspector window
C# Expansions
Common code pattern utilities for Unity.
Trajectory calculation and visualizaiton utilities for Unity.
pulling daily from bitbucket repo
Serializable dictionary class for Unity
In-game powerful REPL environment for Unity3D.
Dependency Injection Framework for Unity3D
Tool for generating c# enums based on json input files.