procedural shapes for Unity UI
Source code for Grass Shader tutorial for Unity. Generates blades with a geometry shader, tessellates input mesh to control density.
Source code for Outline Shader tutorial for Unity. Detects edges in a scene using the depth and normals buffers.
This plugin provide a component to render particle effect for uGUI in Unity 2018.2 or later. The particle rendering is maskable and sortable, without Camera, RenderTexture or Canvas.
Showing off the power of shader properties in Unity
Additional tools for Visual Effect Artists
Source code for Toon Water Shader tutorial for Unity. Renders and animates toon-style waves from a noise texture and generates shoreline foam based off the depth buffer.
Source code for Toon Shader tutorial for Unity. Has specular, rim lighting, and can cast and receive shadows.
This components and shaders allows you to add rounded corners to UI elements!
Outline Image Effect for Unity