Zero-copy sharing between managed and native arrays in Unity
Generic DOTS runtime spawning for any combination of prefab, components, and buffers.
DOTS navigation with auto-jumping agents and movable surfaces.
Svelto ECS C# Lightweight Data Oriented Entity Component System Framework
Shared code between the Svelto repositories
A Unity DOTS framework for my personal projects
Easy uGui event bindings for LeoECS Entity Component System framework.
UnityEditor integration for LeoECS Entity Component System framework.
c#-Unity ECS framework
A minimal solution for selecting entities in the unity sceneview.
FORNO's Unity DOTS utility library
Unity.Mathematics.Random number generators for jobs, including Burst-capable ones.
Svelto Tasks - C# promises compliant multi-threaded tasks runner
Behavior Tree for Unity ECS (DOTS) framework
Engine independent types for LeoECS Entity Component System framework.
LeoECS is a fast Entity Component System (ECS) Framework powered by C# with optional integration to Unity
ECS framework for Unity3D game engine that uses MonoBehaviours as components and GameObjects as entities.
ECS approach to render a line.